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At electronica in munich last month visteon unwrapped its e bee concept sports car, which represents send out vision of mobility in 2020.

Visteon expects more car sharing and short term rentals as choices to private vehicle ownership by then, and for that trend the concept car allows a set of preferences for each user to be stored in the cloud and retrieved when the driver enters read more

Japan have inc. (Jdi), Blind spot discovery, BAE engineering, I thought everybody but me had a touch screen phone but Tony Kraatz, Lead electrical bring about for GM’s new infotainment system, A new Chevy MyLink, Reminded me which often, In actual fact, No person has one, So will not need one to use MyLink.Any bluetooth phone or usb device are doing fine, and with no either of those you can use the 7 inch color touch screen, tyre controls, or voice commands to operate the radio, find out more