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Alfa acquires contact sports

See over-The-Counter market(Otc).Bb:Tybr), a holding company for imprinted apparel maker Ty-Breakers corp., today announced its acquisition of Contact Sports, Inc. (“Contact”).

Contact designs, manufactures and markets a unique brand of athletic apparel with a fashionable edgy look and feel, incorporating new and interesting fabrics design concepts.Featuring a full multi seasonal line for the most popular sports, contact offers shorts, shirts, sweat-Suits, t-Shirts, jackets, etc.For basketball and other sports(An athletic shoe an athletic shoe is a generic name for a shoe designed for sporting and physical activities, and is different in style and build than a dress shoe.Originally known as sporting apparel, today they are known as casual footwear.Line is also planned)And sells its products to specialty retail stores and department stores this is a list of department stores.In the case of department store groups the location of the flagship store is given.This list does not include large specialist stores, which sometimes resemble department stores.Nationwide.The product line is directed at men young men–14 to 27 years of age.

For the retailer, the prime advantages of contact’s products(In addition to their innovative designs)Are their aggressive pricing and the forthcoming national and regional marketing campaigns contact is planning.The products carry a manufacturer’s suggested list price of $18 for tee-Shirts and $19 to $30 for shirts and shorts and are available immediately in limited quantities at dr j’s.Full production is now under way and contact’s spring line is expected in stores beginning in february 2002.

“The company will have spring, fall and holiday collections,”Said contact’s president, kye giscomb.To affect with great wonder;Astonish.See synonyms at surprise.

2.How many young people have approached us asking where they can purchase our products.I am pleased that our acquisition by alfa will provide the management and resources necessary to launch our products into a marketplace that has been searching for fresh ideas for some time now. ”

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1.In keeping with:According to instructions.

3. “Sporting goods noun 1.Sporting goods-Sports equipment sold as a commodity

Commodity, trade good, good-Articles of commerce

Sports equipment-Equipment needed to participate in a particular sport intelligence,”The total market for contact’s products exceeds $1 billion and is served by relatively few vendors.

“Contact’s offerings are mainstream products with an edgy urban look and feel.Test marketing conducted by management and focus groups have found our products to be different from True Religion Outlet UK those of our competitors and compelling to consumers because of our emphasis on the desires of those consumers,”Said giscomb. “We have located and will exploit an under-Served niche in the market. ”

Alfa international corp.Is a holding company with 2 wholly owned subsidiaries wholly owned subsidiary

A subsidiary whose parent company owns 100% of its common stock.


In other words, the parent company owns the company outright and there are no minority owners. -Both of which are in the apparel business.Contact will focus its sales efforts on retail stores.Those specialty and department stores will be serviced by contact’s nationwide sales representative organization presently being organized by contact’s national sales manager sales manager n gerente m/f de ventas

Sales manager n directeur commercial

Sales manager sale n who has 25 years of direct selling direct selling is the marketing of products or services to consumers through sales tactics including presentations, demonstrations, and phone calls.It is sometimes also considered to be a sale that does not utilize a”Middle man”Such as a retail outlets, distributors or brokers.Experience in this marketplace.

Contact’s vision:By the year 2003, contact will have rolled out several additional product lines for different aspects of”Contact type”Sports and will have rapidly grown its sales to represent a significant portion of the existing market.