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Alexis castle

Alexis is 15 in season 1.She castle daughter by his first wife, meredith, an actress who lives in la.They split up amicably when she was about two, and her parents decided she would remain with her father.He raised her alone ever since(A brief second marriage notwithstanding)And the two are exceptionally close.

Though frequently her father partner in games, alexis is definitely more grown up than castle, with a strict moral code she evidently made up herself(Just jumping a turnstile because her card was out of fare was enough to reduce her to tears of guilt, and she grounded herself for a month).

Alexis is studying physics(1×01), calculus(1×06), poetry(1×07), and American lit(1×09)In s1.Alexis has a friend named julie smith, whose dad is in rehab.She also has friends named taylor, kelsey and paige, who go on a school trip to dc with her(1×03).Taylor later accompanys alexis to the launch party of heat wave(2×05), while Paige gets drunk at a Halloween party and has to call Castle to come get them(2×06).She also has a friend named sloane who 17 and wants to date castle next year–2011(2×14).

Alexis has a female friend named ashley who has been on the jv cheerleading squad for two years.Alexis considers trying out for the squad(Which freaks castle out)But decides not to because it conflicts with too many of her other activities(2×16).

She also has a friend named lacey who has invites her to the hamptons for the weekend(2×22).

When alexis was little, she and castle would go to the True Religion Outlet UK history museum every sunday(2×19).

Alexis loves her mother, but face-To-Face, a little goes a very long way.We meet meredith in 1×06.When alexis was 9, meredith took her for dinner–In paris(1×06).Castle has never quite forgiven meredith for that.

One of alexis grandfathers died six years ago, probably meredith father(1×06).When she was little, alexis had a favorite stuffed animal named monkey bunkey(1×09).Alexis had a babysitter named rina who now a model.They watched high school musical over and over and over(2×03).Since the movie only came out in 2006, this would mean that castle was still hiring babysitters for alexis when she was as old as 13. (According to 1×01 though, this would have been before martha moved in. )

Alexis is also a talented violinist and has a cute tutor, dylan, from juilliard(2×04).She attends marlowe prep, which does not appear to be a real school(It probably named after show creator andrew marlowe).The mascot is a bear(2×16).

Her high school principle is named mr.Simmonds(1×06).Alexis has a college counselor named ms.Shafer, who thinks alexis needs to diversify her extra-Curriculars(2×16).In the second season, alexis is taking a civics class(2×10), AP Chemistry(2×22), German with Fraulein Sonnenberg(2×14), and probably physics(2×19).She is also in a french club(2×09, 2×16)And is taking fencing lessons(2×19).Blue pill is alexis favourite band.Castle took her to a blue pill concert last year(2×07).Alexis gave her dad a chocolate badge for his birthday(3×13).In 2×09, alexis wants to go to oxford.Alexis went to greendale elementary, where her best friend was gracie until she moved to kansas when they were 10(3×10). (There really are several schools named greendale elementary, but none are in nyc so it probably safe to assume this is as made up as marlowe academy. )

Alexis will spend the summer between sophomore and junior year(2nd and 3rd season)At princeton in a summer school for gifted students(2×24).Alexis had her first date with a boy named owen(1×10).They attend the junior/senior prom, and apparently have a great time as alexis doesn get home until 4 am(1×10).The romance lasted the summer, but he had a penchant for pretty girls who pretended to know him, and alexis broke up with him after he stood her up to play games on his computer and wouldn apologize(2×01).At the start of the third season, alexis is dating a boy that she met this summer at princeton called carter, but she upset that he didn True Religion Cheap UK call her when he got back from europe(3×01).Alexis first”True love”Is named ashley.We meet him in 3×04 and his parents in 3×09.His father, bob linden, is an economics professor.He is not the boy from princeton.

Alexis school is doing grease and she tries out, and is shortlisted for sandy.She doesn get the part but decides to be stage manager instead(3×07).When alexis was 4 she and castle went christmas shopping at a mall in white plains, and she got bored while he was trying on a fedora.She crawled under a clothing rack and went to sleep, causing castle to call mall security in a panic and search for an hour before they found her(3×08).Alexis is a fan of singer taylor swift.She and her boyfriend ash have a song, taylor swift”Mine” (3×05).

By late season three, alexis in-Crowd is causing her a lot of trouble.They go shoplifting in williamsburg, and even though she doesn take anything she feels compelled to pay for what her friends stole(3×19).Later, another girl from that crowd posts photos of herself kissing ashley on her website, and then disinvites alexis to her party after castle(Unbeknown to alexis)Gets ryan to have a friend hack in and take them down(3×20).

Alexis gives ash a picture frame engraved love with a picture of his pet rat inside(3×15).Alexis tell is a crinkled nose(3×19).Alexis is a junior in s3 according to tweets from executive producer terri miller.She was 17 in 3×19.Alexis decides to graduate from high school early so she can go stanford with ashley starting in january next year(3×23), but is denied early admission(4×03).

Alexis phone number is 212-555-0135(3×19).She played super peewee soccer.She once accidentally scored a goal when the ball bounced off her head, but her team never won a game(4×03).She won the franklin middle school spelling bee and an award in french at marlowe prep(4×03).As of 4×04 alexis is the executive liaison advocate to the administration for the senior class.Ashley is unavailable for support while castle and martha are held hostage in a bank, and it proves to be the final straw in their long distance relationship and alexis breaks up with him over the phone(4×07).2×09–Alexis has a secret she only share with beckett.2×10–Alexis gets to be baby beckett, interning at the precinct for three days.

3×04–The ashley alexis invites to the loft is her new boyfriend, not her old friend, and they get caught making out on the couch by a flustered castle.3×23–Motivated by ashley acceptance to stanford, alexis decides to apply for early admission to be with him.